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EHMHS Events

Below is the new Sign-In for all staff that must be done daily.


Events for the week:

Monday 5/3                            EOC English 1 and 2 small groups

                                                AP Govt / AP Physics Mechanics / Ap Physics E&M

                                                Softball vs Hixson – 5:00


Tuesday 5/4                            EOC English 1 and 2 small groups

                                                AP Seminar Presentations / AP Cal / AP Human Geography

                                                Baseball vs Boyd Buchanan – 5:00

                                                Softball @ Marion Co – 5:30

                                                Choir spring concert – 6:30

                                                Soccer @ Soddy Daisy – 7:00


Wednesday 5/5                       EOC Biology and Math small groups

                                                AP Seminar Presentations / AP Literature

                                                Baseball District Tournament


Thursday 5/6                           EOC Alg 1

                                                AP US History

                                                Baseball District Tournament

                                                Soccer @ Farragut – 7:00


Friday 5/7                                EOC Biology

                                                Baseball District Tournament

                                                Softball District Tournament

                                                Tennis District singles and doubles

                                                Football lift a thon – 5:00


Saturday 5/8                           Baseball District Tournament

                                                Softball District Tournament


Things to remember:

4/26 – 5/17       End of Year assessments

5/15                 Sr. Awards night

5/21                 Graduation


EHHS Parent Questionnaire


In an effort to keep our community and staff safe during this period of suggested social distancing, we are providing any visitors to our campus with the following information:

· If you need to visit someone in our building(s), please contact (423) 893-3535 or EH411@hcde.org for assistance.

· If you are a parent and have questions about community resources available, please call our Continued Help Hotline at (423) 498-5437.

· If you are a parent and need other community resource information, please contact United Way’s 211 call center.

As a community, let’s do our part in keeping our families and others safe during this time.






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