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George Mitchell is a Teacher/Instructor since 2017 at East Hamilton Middle/High School of Audio/Video Production & Career Exploration Program.  

My former career as a professional broadcast television video journalist has provided so many opportunities for me to see so many aspects of life that I will cherish and will never take for granted. I am a proud recipient of more than 50 professional television awards nationally & regionally (including Television Emmy's) filming all sorts of News & Entertainment, Documentaries, Featured Individuals, Crime, Politics, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Riots, Musical Concerts, Celebrities & Stars,
Court Cases & Verdicts etc.
As a professional news journalist, I have seen many parts of this changing world that I cannot keep count anymore and it still continues as life goes on. I have worked in multiple cities as a news cameraman such as: Miami, Houston, Orlando, Nashville, Knoxville & Chattanooga,Tennessee.
My plan is to teach and train students of East Hamilton Middle/High School how to be successful in broadcast television & AV Production careers

 My class will guide students learning as they work with digital video cameras, editing and graphics software, and other technologies. Student's will explore and create everything from broadcast news to motion pictures as they get ready to write and direct the story of their future. Students will be surrounded and inspired by other talented, creatively driven students and be pushed, challenged and above all else, supported by experienced faculty at East Hamilton Middle/High School. Come and join my will be glad you did.