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East Hamilton Bowling



1st-245 @Brainerd Sparetime practice

2nd-245 @Brainerd Sparetime practice

7th-245 @Brainerd Sparetime practice

8th-245 @Brainerd Sparetime practice

14th-245 @Brainerd Sparetime practice

15th-245 @Brainerd Sparetime practice

21st-245 @Brainerd Boyd Scrimmage

22nd-245 @Brainerd Sparetime practice

27th[email protected] 330 Hixson

28th-Bradley 330 Brainerd

30th-East Ridge 330 Brainerd #


5th[email protected] 330 Athens

7th[email protected] Ridge 330 Brainerd #

11th-15th-Fall Break

19th-Walker Valley 330 Brainerd

21st[email protected] Daisy 330 Hixson^

26th[email protected] Valley 330 Cleveland

27th[email protected] 330 Hixson

28th-McMinn 330 Brainerd


2nd-Rhea County 330 Brainerd

3rd[email protected] Catholic 4

4th-Signal 330 Brainerd #

9th[email protected] 330 Cleveland

10th-Hixson 330 Brainerd

11th-Notre Dame 330 Brainerd

16th[email protected] 330 Brainerd #

17th[email protected] 330 Cleveland

18th-Cleveland 330 Brainerd

22nd[email protected] County 330 Dayton

30th[email protected] 330 Brainerd


2nd-Ooltewah 330 Brainerd #

7th[email protected] Daisy 330 Hixson

9th[email protected] 330 Hixson Senior Night

15th-245 @Brainerd Sparetime practice

16th-245 @Brainerd Sparetime practice

17th-District in Cleveland TBA


4th-245 @Brainerd Sparetime practice

5th-245 @Brainerd Sparetime practice

11th-Regional Tournament @Hixson

13th-245 @Brainerd Sparetime practice

15th-Girls Sub State

17th-Boys Sub State

19th-21st-State tournament


*individual Sub State will be played BY December 6th, more to come.

# Boys Only ^girls only

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