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AP Seminar Summer Prep

AP Seminar Summer Prep 2024
Summer Assignment

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Mr. Colby Williams
Remind: text@ehseminar6 to 81010

AP Seminar is a course that will greatly improve your ability to craft effective questions, conduct solid academic research, read, think, and write critically about a variety of topics that interest you, and present information to others. It is a rigorous and challenging course, but one you will find greatly rewarding and helpful in the years to come. To help “prime” you for AP Seminar, you will complete the following:

Your summer assignment will be to document your adventures and experiences from May 24 – August 1. We live in a great city that offers a lot – so visit some local places of note in our area. Maybe your family is taking a trip. Learn something about the place where you are visiting. One of the best forms of education is travel – and travel can be near or far.

As you travel, you will take photos and keep a journal to record your thoughts as you reflect on the places you visit. Use this journal to craft a script, and record an audio-visual presentation in which you share information about your summer vacation and reflect on what you have learned about the places you have visited and more importantly about yourself. You can include headings/titles/labels on the slides, but you really just need the visuals and audio narration.

Step 1:
Join the AP Seminar Remind (see code above)

Step 2:

Create a photo essay of pictures you personally take during summer vacation.
1) At least half of the pictures must include YOU.
2) Using PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, etc. (a digital platform), create a slideshow with one photo per slide and no more than five words per slide.
3) You will record your video via Screencastify or another platform such as Audacity. Plan on sharing where the photos were taken and what you learned about the places you visited. In your narration, explain how your summer experiences have changed you or have helped you grow.
4) You will submit the Audio-Visual Presentation the first week of school.

The Goal:
One of the main terms you will see in AP Seminar is “Transmit” – meaning that the research you conduct will need to be transmitted (communicated) to others. This assignment is a way to prime you for that skill. The slideshow is an opportunity to “transmit” – in audio-visual format – information about yourself and your experiences over the summer. The AP Capstone cohort, as you will see, will lead to great friendships and strong bonds between its participants – and this assignment is a way to break the ice when we get back in August.

Answers to Common Questions:
-You can use background music if you’d like – but make sure your narration/presentation script is not overshadowed
-Feel free to be creative in your production value
-You may have a uniting theme to your presentation (for example, your photo essay can center around one of your main hobbies such as animals, sports etc…)
-The presentation itself should be between 4-6 minutes in length
-Presentation will be scored in the following domains: voice/pacing, depth of reflection, and design of slides/quality of photos.

Have a great summer! Send me a remind if you have any questions!
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